The Ayodhya Verdict

India’s claim to shame was what I often thought of the Ayodhya fiasco. In other more cynical times, I wondered what the fuss was about a piece of real estate.

The fact is Ayodhya is so closely embedded in our conscious that everyone of my generation was braced for it. My brother didn’t particularly care… which made me wonder when was the last time we had Ayodhya-related riots. I mentioned some of it in my earlier post, but I still cannot recollect.

Ironically, it took us more than half a century to arrive at what a mother does every day. When two children squabble over a piece of property – divide it equally between the two.

Perhaps I am looking at it too simplistically. But it is a simple issue, when we silence those radical and racist voices. The people who argue that the land belongs to them. People who argue that the entire land needs to have a temple.

The verdict was a wise one (I still vote for the school there). Divide it between three. There will be fights over how the division will be done. But hey! Some relief after all. Is it a sign that we are maturing? I thought so, till I caught a stray headline stating that someone was asking for a temple on the entire land. And the thought that ran in my head – WTF, someone slap him!

I am not particularly religious. I appreciate culture. And spirituality. But a temple? It doesn’t matter. And perhaps this lack of devotion is what stops me from completely absorbing how important this issue to the people who believe in God. The ones who believe He/She will fix it all.

But the same lack of devotion also looks towards the future and we can see that it is possible to co-exist. And maybe this verdict is the first step towards that world.

Link of the day: Rajnikanth

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