That little thing which made us take off on road trips, call up people we shouldn’t have been talking to, say things we shouldn’t have been thinking out loud and much more. It gets rarer to find and experience as we grow older.

People need to make ‘plans’ and ‘schedules’ for every thing, including a trip out of town, meeting someone for dinner or even a place to go to. How often have I heard the line – oh no, not today. let’s make a plan and go some other time – when we are all sitting free and say let’s go get coffee at some obscure place.

It isn’t just the work schedules that interfere with impulses anymore. It is the also the fear of doing something unorderly.

There are a few friends of mine who live by their impulse. I never know where they would be when I call them. They are known as the ones that like living on the edge. Is it really living on the edge?

A friend of mine once said he never knew what scene would await him when he came out of his room each morning. His house was a popular… couch surfing spot.

But the older we get, we want to know what exactly is awaiting us each morning. We want to know each trip planned out to the hotel, the itinerary of the entire day, the places to have lunch etc. We need to know what the plan is for the weekend and where we will be.

I am like that too… sometimes. I get annoyed when people cancel on plans. Or when they want too much information about it. Or they leave  me hanging till the last minute simply to say yes or no. I cannot live with uncertainty. But is that the same as doing something on an impulse?

Things we do impulsively often turn out to be an adventure. Those long drives, coffee plans and much more over the past few months have always turned out to be memorable. So why do we hesitate more and more to actually live on a really wide edge?

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