There is something curiously cathartic about watching Angelina Jolie kick ass in any movie. But Salt slightly falls short of the depth of her other ass-kicking movies.

She does a beautiful job blowing up things and shooting and all that. But the martyr act is getting a little tiring. First there was Wanted and now this. I mean shouldn’t she get to live after all the ass kicking?

But that apart, Salt is a perfect roller coaster movie to watch with a bucket full of butter popcorn.

Spies, Russia and Angelina Jolie.

The opening is perhaps the grittiest scene in the movie with Salt being tortured in a North Korean prison somewhere. Thankfully, that does not set the tone for the entire movie. In an age where all spies are generally good, unless they are the women in a James Bond movie, Salt is refreshing.

It is also confusing as you teeter between ‘this is perhaps a trial op they are running’ and ‘holy shit she is really a spy’ and back to ‘what the hell is she doing.’

So you gotta sit and watch to figure out what really is happening.

Every time I watch those movies, I wish I were the spy. Even when I was watching Mr & Mrs Smith, as lame as it was, it was still cool to see her whip out those guns and take out an entire roomful of people at one shot.

In short, there is nothing much to say about the movie. Wonderful past time.

Song of the day: 

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