War & Peace

Today has been a day for human rights and wars. Perhaps it is just the material I have been reading, or the news that was published today.

Chinese Dissident wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, I really don’t know if there were other Peace Prize winners who were awarded the prize in jail. I’m sure many of them were imprisoned… it is a part of the price you pay… Nelson Mandela was. But the fact that China is now gaining attention, and Liu Xiaobo won the prize is… heartening.

China has its share of human rights violations. And like very other country, it continues to deny it. Would global pressure work? I’m not sure… China is like an arrogant guy who does exactly what he wants to do, regardless of public opinion. Actually, maybe most countries are like that. We are all like a bunch of teenage kids on the playground. Teenage kids – because we aren’t mentally mature enough to deal with these things but we have the ego of a teenager.

So we try to punish the other countries – you do that and we will not take you into the cool club. You do this and we’ll hook you up with the hot cheerleader.

Wrong comparison?

The second story of the day was the Afghan private security report by the US Senate. Now, I am the last person to actually trust everything the governments say.

But it does sicken me when a private company does violate the law for the sake of money. Actually, i’m not sure about the motives here… I mean, were they just too lazy to check the guards’ affiliations? Or were they stupid?

It is when I read such contrasting news I wonder if we will ever have peace in our country.

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