The Time I Met You

First meetings. Are they really so important?

Can you make out how your relationship will be with the person when you first meet them or does it gain relevance only after you are in a relationship (of any sort).

There are people in my life whom I don’t remember the first meeting. A lot of them are vague, and quite unremarkable. Some of the most important relationships in my life… I barely remember how I met them.

With some, it wasn’t the first meeting… it was some other memory we form together at some point. Dinners, lunches, trips, experiences… that one statement that made a difference.

I went back down memory lane today, trying to remember how I met a lot of people who are in my life. If I knew instantly about… something. And there are perhaps a handful of relationships which just blended the minute I met them. (Touch wood).

And I realise that happens lesser and lesser as we grow older. Maybe it is just that we are looking for a particular kind of person… or maybe we are rigid. Or we are more conscious about our comfort zones. But that ease I had with some of my peeps… haven’t seen that in a while.

Or even if I do see it, I distrust it. I mean… why else would someone be so nice to me? I know I’m awesome but after various experiences, I figure there is always an ulterior motive. At the end of which I’m left hanging and after having enough of those frustrations… yeah well, I am a cynic.

But here is too all those people who made my life special… All those meetings where we didn’t know what we were headed for, and more specially, all those meetings where I just knew the minute I saw you.

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