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It is Halloween. Or almost. So everyone is going nuts with their list of the best horror movies of all time.

Horror is a relative term. I have laughed at movies when others were hiding under the sheets. And I’ve jumped like I was shot and ran out of the room where the others didn’t find anything scary.

So here goes the list of all time favorites (with the why, naturally):

1. Pet Cemetery – Stephen King got it right in the book and the movie made is just more… horrible. I’ve always disliked cats and after watching this movie, the mere sound of a cat wailing was enough to cause jitters. It isn’t so much the gore, as much as the way they handle it. The silence in the movie is scarier than any rum-di-dums in other movies.

2. Evil Dead – The first horror movie I ever watched and the sight of that hand crawling by itself made me want to grab mine and lock them away somewhere.

3. Skeleton Key (Starring: Kate Hudson) – This isn’t strictly a horror movie. A little bit of a cross with the thriller genre. There is one particular scene that just makes this the best in recent times – the scene where Hudson looks up the stairs, pondering about that locked door (she obviously never read Bluebeard in school). Spoooky!

4. The Exorcist – I don’t get scared by this movie anymore. Not after I watched it in a roomful of people. But till that happy age of 21, it scared the daylights out of me. Fav scene – the one where she starts throwing up green bile and talks in that crazy man’s voice

5. The Grudge – Come on. Don’t you find this scary? Didn’t you run from every woman who had thick, black hair covering her face after you saw this? I did. I didn’t even want to see my own hair after watching this.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street – Nothing spookier than a dream killer. And bottles of ketchup and gore.

7 . The Fly – This isn’t scary. Not at all. But I watched it when I was perhaps 8 and it has just stuck in my head forever. The scene when the scientist’s girlfriend comes to visit him because she hasn’t heard from him forever, and this massive, slimy creature comes down from the wall.. highly yuck.

8. Darna Mana Hai and the sequel – Yes. Hindi. Not all stories in this movie were super scary. But there were a couple that had me doing the jumping bit I mentioned initially.

9. The Ninth Gate (Starring: Johny Depp) – Not strictly scary… till you watch the ending.

10. Gumnaam – Back to hindi. Woman in white sari walking in a storm was scary! Before it became a cliche in a million other hindi movies. (Was this inspired by the book Woman in White?)

That is all I can recall for now. If there were others, they are buried deep in my conscious as they were so scary. A horror movie isn’t about the entire movie making you jump out of your skin. It is keeping you on the edge and having that one scene that just is engraved in your memory forever.

And as for the movies I would want to scare myself with (after I read this list):

Rosemary’s Baby

Amityville Horror – This has been on TV several times but I’ve always been too spooked to watch it alone.

Salem’s Lot – Read the book. Now to the movie.

Janghwa, Hongreyeon – I think I have seen this movie in its English version. The plot at least sounded similar enough. Nobody makes horror better than the Japanese. It is sort of like nobody makes in-your-face bloody action and sex better than the Europeans.

The Shining – Yes, I’ve never watched the movie. Read the book though.

Rec – Spanish movie recommended in the list

What is the movie that scared you crazy? Or if I’ve left something out of the list that should be watched… recommendations welcome.

2 thoughts on “Pick The Horror

  1. Its an understatement to say these are all the gems. All are in my favourite horror flicks’ list :). Skeleton Key bring back some nostalgia, I and my German mate saw it in a movie marathon five years back in Australia Fair, most of the hall was empty, damn it was fun.
    Its just that I would not put Darna Mana Hai there, never scared me, though I like its songs, and I still hear them.

    Only movie I am yet to watch from you list is Gumnaam. Its based on Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then They Were None’. The novel’s awesome, let me know if you want to read it, I have got it in my e-library, and I can email you :).

    To my humble opinion The Ring (original) would have been a very worthy entry. Also the first three season of TV show ‘Supernatural’. There are more reasons than ghost for why I like ‘Supernatural ‘ but thats for some other time. But its just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.

    PS: I hope I haven’t terribly offended you mentioning Supernatural, as one of the episode depicts Kaali and Ganesha as villains/in negative lights, and Indian Americans were pissed off with it.


    1. Ah… The Ring was good but it didn’t really scare me… maybe it was the circumstances in which I watched it.
      And I’ve not seen ‘Supernatural’… somehow watching sitcoms on tv is just boring. Maybe I’ll buy the dvds and watch them. All the Hindi sitcoms I remember though were hilarious… I miss them sometimes 🙂


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