Chilean Mine Workers

The rescue of mine workers in Chile is a prime example of the indefatigable nature of the spirit of human kind.

33 people lived deep underground, without killing each other. Sure there will be mental trauma but the fact is they survived when they could’ve gone the other way. It is sheer will power that takes one to survive so long.

What was more reassuring was the sense in which the rescue was handled. There was a Live TV (of course there would be!) and I watched the rescue of 19-year old Jimmy Sachez. I was surprised when I saw the tag line read ’19 años.’ What was a 19-year old doing there in the first place?

The whole operation is more bizarre and beautiful than reality TV could actually ever achieve.

[Side Note – What are the odds that some genius will actually get the idea to intentionally put people in such a situation and see who survives? People can be sick, I tell you!]

There weren’t tears and media rushing in to shove a mike in the survivor’s face. I’m not sure if this is because Chilean TV still has some sensitivity or they just weren’t allowed to do such things.

Five people are out at the time of this post and hopefully the rest will be out soon too.

The most awaited (for me) is the man who was responsible for the survival of those people in there – Luiz Urúza.

They say leaders are born, not made. And Urúza seems to be one such person, who could think even under pressure and lead the men into safety.

The danger isn’t past yet. There are a million things that could go wrong. But we have made it so far. Here’s to the rest.

Link of the day: Live TV Coverage of the rescue

Update: Just read this massive article on The Telegraph, which talks about the perils these men face after they are rescued. The media frenzy, as well as the other parts of their lives that could’ve gone unnoticed but now are known to every kid in the country.

Apparently they are being given media training, among other things. Of course the international media will descend on them like locusts, offering them big deals, movies and more… for the next 15 minutes and another tragedy breaks. I guess that is the dark side of mankind.

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