The most important thing – I surprised myself by liking the movie.

And then, I thought only Rajnikanth and Shankar could probably ever pull up such a sleek movie.

Because the movie is sleek!

I didn’t think so, initially. All those promos were a little lame. Maybe I didn’t watch the right ones but I never saw what was the coolest part of the movie – the last 20 minutes. And the most touching part of the movie – a tin man saying he wants to live and love.

The kudos probably goes more to the make up and the graphics team than Rajnikanth (oh the spam mail i’ll get for saying this!). But I enjoyed the movie, even though I barely understand Tamil.

The plotline isn’t something new. Rogue robots. We’ve all seen those  in English movies. And maybe some b-grade hindi movies too. But you don’t go watch this movie for the plot. You watch it for graphics, or Rajnikanth, who looks quite decent as a genius scientist.

What’s the plot?

Scientist makes robot. The most advanced robot ever. Robot slowly is given human emotions after some classic and shocking examples of why he is only a machine. Robot falls in love with Scientist’s girlfriend. Robot goes rogue thanks to another bad scientist.

There are moments of absurdity – like when this super-intelligent robot, Chitti, does house work for the scientist’s girlfriend. But like in all Indian movies, you learn to overlook some inconsistencies. So if you can swallow the fact the robot initially does a bit of housework, you’ll get through this surprisingly. Most of it made sense…

Of course, there is a good guy, a bad guy… and a bad robot.

Like one of the reviews I read mentioned – If Rajnikanth is beaten up by a bad guy for more than a minute, the theatre will be broken down. But when Rajnikanth is beating down Rajnikanth, there is nothing to be done.

And if I went by the whistles at the theatre (most of whom seemed to have already seen the movie), they were rooting for the bad robot.

Of course, the movie could’ve been shorter. The editing was bad… but I guess those songs and some silliness is not only required but is demanded in Indian cinema.

But the last 20 minutes takes your breath away with its graphics. An army of robots imitating everything from Anaconda to your craziest comic book hero. Did I think I’d ever get to see such awesomeness in an Indian movie? Nope. Nail biting car chase and typical Rajnikanth style… except when the robot does it, it is so much more believable.

Perhaps that’s the main reason I liked it… Rajni’s antics seemed a little funny to me. But in a robot, i can believe it all.

Aishwarya Rai is the token female in the movie, like in most of his movies. She looks gorgeous and does her part of oomph and childishness. Meh. Nobody expected her to act in this movie, even if there was space for it, anyway.

Watch it. Definitely. And watch it again to figure out how they did this.

Link of the day: Later!

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