The past few weeks I have discovered ideas… prejudiced ideas… in some people that I thought I knew. Including myself.

I generally do not have much patience with idiots, bigots, racists and people who hate women. I try ignoring them, or just be rude to their face. Not a nice quality, I know.

But what do you do when you discover a bad thing in you and the ones that you love?

Something you don’t even realise existed in your mind and then you wonder why that thought even took root. I generally try to accept people the way they are… with their beliefs and all. But when there is that slight disconnect, I wonder how to accept it… particularly when it is related to religion.

There is no worse bomb than religion. You have no idea when something will piss people off when you make a comment related to it. I tiptoe around issues related to religion. I do that if I  meet you and we are talking about it. I do that if I meet you and you belong to say… Islam or something.

Islam… I realised a while ago that though all my muslim friends do believe in God and the quran, they all are what the rest of the society terms ‘liberal.’ They do not subscribe to all the teachings of the quran, like many of my hindu friends do not agree or follow all the teachings of the gita. Or the bible. When we aren’t exactly called ‘liberal’ by the same society, why is this set called liberal?

Oh yes… there are sections where even the rest of us are called liberal… but why is following your own edict of a religion, which does not believe in closing up women, slaughtering people, waging wars or proclaiming your God is the only way to heaven, tagged a rebel?

I guess I was surprised to see myself tiptoeing around one of these issues recently. I never had the problem with others, even people I had just met, because I didn’t care about how they would take it or I knew how it would be received.

I believe each one of us has the right to follow what we want, as long as it does not harm anyone. This is exactly what the people I met were doing, so I could not get up on my high horse and say they were wrong. They did not force their religion on anyone nor did they seek approval. Nor did they judge what you did. I would be wrong then – as wrong as all these fundamentalists – to impose my ‘liberal’ view on them.


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