Fashionista? Not Really.

Times of India has run out of fashion articles to write and now they are writing an article stating that “people don’t really notice what you are wearing, so you might as well cut down your shopping and make do with 5-6 outfits in like a month.”

The shopper in my shuddered and screamed. And then I decided to read the article and the screaming did not shut up.

Why? Because I believe that people do observe what you are wearing. They might not comment on it, or be too polite to comment on it, but they do notice. And this is not being a fashionista.

Yes, if you wear a plain white shirt that has been washed once too often, nobody will notice. They give you a casual glance and dismiss you at one shot. But everyone notices a smartly dressed person. Even if it is a plain white (not washed a million times) shirt with blue jeans. Even if it is black pants and a black formal shirt.

Perhaps it would work if you changed the combination a couple of times a week, but would you feel good about wearing the same thing day in and day out? You do not need a million clothes in your wardrobe… intelligent combinations is always good but “nobody notices” is such a lame excuse.

Additionally, it is all about individual style. What you wear and how you wear it sets you apart from the rest and makes you… worth remembering. I have a particular image in college… one I wasn’t even aware I was cultivating. It just my liking for cotton clothes that brought about the image. A friend of mine is always remembered as glamorous. And another as always shabby, regardless of how many clothes she had.

Clothes are also about confidence. I am not being Sonam Kapoor in Aisha here. But when you look good, you feel good. Messy hair, sloppy clothes and faded stuff does not make you feel super confident and at ease. It makes you feel like you are going somewhere.

Else, we might as well wear sweat pants to work.

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