It has definitely been a long weekend. I love it when I start celebrating the weekend on Fridays, because it somehow makes it feel longer.

Even if it is something as banal as dinner… of course, when with friends, nothing is ever really ‘banal’.

Saturday was Greg Howe’s concert. Next time, I’m definitely buying the pricer tickets to sit right up ahead. It was a small amphitheater, so the problem wasn’t the view. It was the sound. Maybe to actually give the illusion of various ticket levels, they turned down the sound a bit. But I couldn’t feel the guitar in me, like I generally do.

But I still had fun… the sound of the guitar in open air and beautiful weather. The crowd was a little lame… seemed more like families who came their for dinner decided to sit around and listen to some music.

Of course, the most appreciative audience I could see around was a 3-year old kid who was totally tripping on the music. Kids. I want to be one.

Happy Children’s Day.

(to be continued…)

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