Design. The all-pervasive, yet invisible concept which I just realized.

Much of the credit for the awareness goes to some friends of mine, but I have begun paying much more attention to the design of things. Not just the way a building is shaped… but even the way the interiors are done. The logos, the chairs, the tables, the posters, the paintings and whatever else around.

Most often, we pay attention only when something is stunning. Or when it fits our concept of ‘design’. Like a weirdly-shaped building, or the flower arrangement outside. We forget that the notepad we carry to an interview is also ‘designed’. Bad one, but still designed.

The last time I really paid attention to something was when we were wondering why the office I work in was called that. It is named after a particularly stone and it sure isn’t for the color. And from where we stood, we cannot see any other reason. The other instance was when I noticed a flower arrangement, which is changed every day.

As a photographer and an artist, I tend to pay attention to the colors and the way a space is formed. But for most part, in everyday life, I tend to regard it as a whole.

What is this post about? Nothing you didn’t know about.

It just dawned on me that we use the word ‘design’ and perhaps comment on a million things but we never consciously think about the ‘design’ or its structure/composition.

The design of the phone, the pattern on the wallpaper, the design of the chair, the computer screen, my jacket, my scarf, the bags, the shoes, the tops, the television, the placement of the television.

Designing is supposed to be a conscious thought process but much of the perception and the creation is perhaps an unconscious search for comfort.

Food for thought.

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2 thoughts on “Design

  1. To begin with….Purpose….what is the purpose of and for any design??? The Thesaurus will offer you many definitions of ….DISIGN….but…first there again….must be a PURPOSE!!!
    Will the purpose of the design be…..beautiful, delightful, dainty, graceful, shapely, brilliant, impressive, handsome, bewitching, alluring, or could it even be….ugly, deformed, hideous….WE ALL KNOW EACH AND EVERY DESIGN AND WHAT WE EACH FEEL TOWARD SUCH….IS IN THE EYES-OF-THE-BEHOLDER….but…each design is most certainly APPEALING in one way or another to all that has the opportunity to observe!! Just my opinion and as a writer I have many such interesting opinions that I do enjoy sharing…..Peggy Inez, Author


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