The 2010 News Chronicle

2010 nearly comes to an end… and personally, there are various things I remember. But I was wondering, news-wise what sticks in our mind? Public memory is notoriously short… and that includes me.

These are some of the things that remain in my mind as some of the most powerful things this year. They might not include everything and perhaps the most relevant… as journalists, we sometimes fail to see the forest for the trees.

  1. The BP Oil spill disaster: tons has been written and we’ll probably begin to face the consequences of this spill for generations to come
  2. Facebook privacy fiasco: Zuckerberg and his statements!
  3. The 33 miners stuck underground for nearly 2 months
  4. The iPhone 4, the iPad and all that jazz: I can’t remember much in terms of technology this year… was there something that I am forgetting? I mean… the iPhone isn’t really new, the iPad is also old news and there were repetitions of those things from various companies.
  5. Wikileaks drama: It shook the world and made me wonder about the purpose of Wikileaks
  6. Obama’s visit to India: Didn’t really shake the world, but as an Indian, it was hard to miss
  7. Commonwealth Games: and all that it entailed. News-wise I wasn’t sure how important it is. The lede probably got buried under all the media houses shouting, but definitely worth a mention
  8. The numerous scandals in India: the 2G scam, the CWG corruption, the Radia tapes…
  9. Aung San Suu Kyi being released
  10. Displacement of the gypsies from France: strangely, this is one issue that remains in my mind. I’m not sure how much international attention it gained and how long it lasted, but it stays
  11. Sachin’s 50th Test Century: The man is indeed a legend
  12. The Football World Cup: and the saddest, most boring final I’ve seen
  13. Inception: The Movie of the Year
  14. Endhiran: The Indian Movie of the Year


Things that I did not remember but was reminded by photographs:

  1. The earthquake in Haiti
  2. Floods in Pakistan
  3. Olympics in China (jeez my memory is really full of holes)

And then there are other things that I remember simply because I write about it… like China and its currency, the G20 Summit in Seoul.

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