The Indian Bride

I wrote this post about wedding dresses a while ago.

One reader commented that they would, infact, modify it because they always have a photo.

I attended a Hindu wedding last night. It was a reception actually, and one of those grand ones where everyone sparkles and guests are spread across a huge garden. (If you’ve ever attended an Indian wedding, you’ll know how many kinds of weddings could possibly be there).

The bride looked gorgeous. She looked like a bride, dressed in a shimmery, embroidered (and heavy-looking) red lehenga, an equally dressy veil and really heavy earrings and all that jazz. She glowed and shimmered (courtesy the make up). The bride always outshines the groom in any wedding and the groom had absolutely no chance against her beauty in his demure black suit in this case.

My mind went back to the post and the related article and I wondered what she would do with that dress? The answer is probably it will lie in an antique trunk and she would take it out for karwa chauth or something. Each element of that dress, worn separately, would probably not have the same kind of an effect.

Indian weddings are getting extravagant (were they cheap to start with?). A friend tells me her sister-in-law wore a dress that weighed 20 kgs. Yup. 20 kgs. Why would anyone put themselves through such torture, particularly on their wedding day when others are torturing them enough, is way beyond me.

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