The urge to spend more hits only when you are close to being broke. Is that a suicidal/destructive instinct that is deeply rooted and surfaces only in moments such as this? But somehow, only when you are intent about zipping up your purse, all these beautiful things you want start passing in front of your eyes.

My shopping list?

– A leopard print skirt – I wouldn’t probably even wear it… I never felt like wearing it. But now, I saw someone wearing it and hey! I want that.

– Leopard print boots – now this, I definitely want. And have been on the lookout but India never caught on that animal print craze that swept the fashion world last year.

– A black formal jacket. Make that a formal suit. I hate wearing jackets… particularly in summer (which promises to be sweltering hot this year). But I want one.

– A proper bag – okay. This comes under necessity… if there are designers out there listening, mark this down. I want a bag which looks cool and is big enough to fit my camera – by which I mean the SLR, all the other knick knacks a girl gotta have, maybe space for a lens. Yet it should not look shabby or too huge… would be better if it were a sling types. And yes, enough sleek compartments so that I do not have to dig through it looking for all those small things that I dump in my bag. Sigh… might as well ask for world peace, eh?

– A jacket… with multiple pockets

– A pretty white dress

– A press red dress

– A frilly red skirt

– The perfect white top

– The perfect formal white shirt

yeah I should stop torturing myself.

Where are the cutesy flea stores in this city?

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