Bangalore Fashion Week

Tall… Really tall women with miles of gorgeous hair, skin and make up. Legs that are almost as long as I am in my full height… gorgeous dresses and short skirts, paired with heels to showcase those long legs… that is pretty much my first impression of the fourth Bangalore Fashion Week.

Yes, I should’ve noticed other things… but it is a Fashion event for heaven’s sake. What else would you notice other than the perfect bodies, faces and dresses?

The names are still the same. Even someone like me who doesn’t follow fashion day to day knows these names… Achala Sachdev, Rahul Dev Shetty, Sridhar…

Which is why I felt like giggling when there was utter silence when Sachdev called for questions. It reminded me of ‘mock press conferences’ in college, when all the students would studiously stare at the floor till they said “well then let’s wrap it up.”

What would one ask them? How many models, designers, what kind? But those questions have been asked and done with. Photos are what this is all about…

Anyway, here’s looking forward to some awesome days of shooting.

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