So it is here again… before you know it… the day of red roses, pink hearts and all the candy that can make you sick. I always hated V-Day. For a while, I even believed that it was because I didn’t have that someone ‘special’ to go out and celebrate and all that. Then I realised, I wouldn’t go out and celebrate anyway because it is weird! But it is a festival for those young and in love… and still idealistic.

And companies make money… I have two drinks for the price of one. The world goes on.

But then I found this ONE link today… and I just can’t stop laughing.

I’m not being cruel… but come on! it is funny! If you put up a video of you professing your love for someone online, expect to get mocked. Tom Cruise still hasn’t lived down his declaration of love on Oprah. We are, after all, mere mortals.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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