I’ve started various blog posts in the past few days but have abandoned them midway. The attempt to write a full-fledged post is proving harder and harder these days. It is all these distractions… working out of home (though I”m rarely at home) is tough. There are people walking in and out of your room, even if you try to barricade yourselves in.

It makes me wonder we spent about 9 hours a day in front of the computer at work and got super bored, but you sit here for 4 straight hours, and work for all those hours and yet barely half of what needs to be done is finished.

Anyway, so I did manage to catch up on my reading today… some of it at least. How on earth are you expected to keep on top of all the news?

Highlights of the news from my week:

Being the only sober person in a drunk room is not fun. I’ve never been much of a party soul, though many who claim to know me will say I’m a hard-core party person. But now that partying is my job, it puts an interesting perspective. Well, partying isn’t my job. My job is to take photos for the people who are the party. Do you know how much courage it takes for one to walk up to someone and ask if you can take their photo? When the rest of the world is there to get drunk and hook up with someone, I’m there working. Women are wearing short skirts and high heels and tons of make up. Men are… well, men. Everyone is clinging to one another at the end of the night.

But through a camera, you see things that you fail to notice when you are a part of the crowd. Women who are nursing painful feet on the dance floor. Women who take off their shoes cuz it hurts so bad. Men who are shadily shooting women dancing on their cellphones. Couples believing they are private in a roomful of people. Some dancing without reservations and some mimicking others moves so they don’t seem awkward. And through it all, guys who believe you want to talk to them.

I never ask just guys for a photo. A woman does manage to keep a guy in check generally. But once in a while, even if I am not shooting the guys, they get the courage to come up and talk to me. Or flirt. It is easy to walk away mostly… but sometimes they get clingy. Or use the camera as an excuse to strike up a conversation. My ‘sleaze’ radar has gone on the blink and it marks everyone as ‘bad’ permanently in a club. It is like Groucho Marx said – I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member. Except, I tweak it to “I don’t care to date any guy who hits me on in a club while I’m working.”


Movies… I want to watch cutesy, silly comedies but there suddenly seems to be a dearth of such movies. There was something called “Wedding Daze” on TV a few days ago… the first half was fun and the second half went so overboard that it completely ruined the movie. There is a list of movies I’ve been wanting to watch – 127 Hours, Black Swan, No Strings Attached.

And maybe throw in a couple of horror movies in there. But thanks to my erratic schedules and my friend’s busy schedules, it is getting really hard to find someone to go to a movie with. Least, someone whom I enjoy hanging out with.


Valentine’s Day

In a way, I’m glad it is V-Day because it means I would no longer have to put up with pink hearts and couples menus at every single place I go to. There were some interesting status messages on FB today among all the syrupy ones. “V-Day – for people too lazy to express their love during the rest of the year.”

Or for those who are too cheap to buy gifts for the rest of the year.

Personally, I wouldn’t care about V-Day. I would rather have a guy who would buy me non-occasion flowers and gifts because that is a lot more important and nice. But somehow, everyone is in this groove and everyone wants gifts and people to buy them flowers and stuff and go out and ‘be special’.

And that ‘peer pressure’ makes the rest of us annoyed. I was buying a new top for myself and the store manager asks “For V-Day” and i’m like ‘Ummmm NO! There is a sale and i need a t-shirt!”

I buy a bracelet and they go “oh your boyfriend will like it” and i’m thinking “why can’t I buy something for myself so I can look pretty.”

V-Day – pain in the ass, if you are a couple or not.

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