So I’m back to watching How I Met Your Mother and it is such a relief to see that all the characters are back in form. Robin looks hot and smart again, Ted looks cute and is geeky, Lily is back to brown her and is a little pudgy but will do, Marshall has lost all that weight… and Barney, as he always is, is awesome as ever. The jokes are almost smart, there is just enough sarcasm to keep you from focusing that Robin’s gotten a little softer. She’s more… teary and all that now.

I guess I get that too… after years of being the one-woman army, I find myself making more excuses and being more lenient these days. Perhaps it is age. Or just letting people be what they want to be.

I was at a party last night… and try as I might, I could not keep the small talk going. It is a slightly-known secret that I hate small talk. Sure, I manage to talk to sheer strangers. But usually, I hate the party small talk. But yesterday, I was one step away from dozing off. I tried drinking but I didn’t want to get drunk either. So everyone else around me kept falling down while I was only slightly buzzed and the drunk antics just did not seem funny any more. Ironically, the only person who really irritated me was the only one who was sober. Perhaps drunken-ness can be an excuse for stupidity sometimes.

I’ll be 26 in two months… and I just can’t even think of myself in most situations as a woman. There is still so much to do… that I wonder what on earth is the point of being 26. Someone told me that the reason I need to get married is so I can have kids at the right age.

So that is it? That is the whole and sole reason to get married? Procreation? There are enough humans doing it across the world without me having to add my two pence into this issue. Plus, I’m not even sure I’d want to bring in another soul into this really messed up world. There gotta be a better reason to get married so soon than just ‘have a baby’. Love, companionship etc. Nope, the only thing the person said was ‘babies’. Ugh!

I was watching this lame old Hindi movie today called “Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka” or some such thing. One of those last Karishma Kapoor movies because she got married and disappeared, with Chandrachur Singh, who just disappeared. The movie, the plot, the acting was so fricking lame that I wondered why a sensible woman would even choose to act in a movie like that. It is sort of like the question why Madhuri Dixit would choose to do a movie like…. the one with ShahRukh Khan and Salman Khan?

The highlight, though, was when the guy just leaves her… trades her for a bag of diamonds with the bad guy and walks out. She’s your secretary, how can you trade her? Logic isn’t really the top thing in Bollywood but seriously, some sense?!?!

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