Fireflies 2011

It is barely summer yet and temperatures are hovering close to 30. And even in the woods, at night, they don’t fall by much. I have begun to dread the summer.

But it was a perfect night for a night of music under a Peepal Tree.

Fireflies happens every year… and it seems to be getting better, music-wise at least. The crowd – that gets worse.

The place had over 5000 people this time, which was a little sad but it only really holds the capacity for about 2000 at the most. The bad parts – If I moved my foot, someone would immediately occupy that space. The constant fight for space somehow took the shine off the music.

But the music line up was awesome. Esperanto, Mysore Boys/Raghu Dixit, The Bicycle Boys, Thermal And A Quarter… and many more… I feel in love with Taaq all over again, particularly Bruce Lee Mani. It is his smile and the fact that he is having so much fun being up on stage… that’s what I love in a performer. Have fun on the stage. Don’t look like you are in pain! The best music is the impromptu jamming sessions… the way the music flows and the beautiful rhythm…

There is only so much I could go on about the event. If you were there, you knew how awesome it was. If not, next year, maybe.

I only hope they sell fewer tickets next time. It gotta be underground and niche. Else, loses its charm.

2 thoughts on “Fireflies 2011

    1. Yeah they were… but I got to listen to only a few of their songs… Somehow, they weren’t as powerful this time. They are mixing all kinds of music…


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