Inspiration often comes from the strangest sources. When you are freelancing… infact just beginning to freelance, there are all possible sources it could come from, and what’s more, you are desperate for it.

Photography does remain an art but it also remains fact that these days, everyone is a photographer, thanks to John and Thomas Knoll (the creators of Photoshop). And of course, digital cameras and low prices for those cameras. The field of photography, news and reporting have changed forever and continue to evolve.

And here I am, trying to make my ‘profession’ out of that. The problem isn’t that there are not enough jobs… of course there are. The problem is there are a lot of amateurs and hobbyists out there. The hobbyists are really good and as it is just a hobby, they don’t charge much, if they charge at all to start with. The amateurs fool around, then go ahead and photoshop it and honestly, most people look at the overall effect, not the details.

The fallout is faced by the professionals who need to make a living from taking photographs. People are shocked when someone says “I charge like about 10 grand for a shoot.”

“That’s a lot!” they say. It is…  not, actually. Because the really ‘top’ photographers, or even the medium ones who’ve been around for a while, they charge 5 times that amount for a shoot.

And it is hard work. There is equipment to rent… and then there is post processing and all the running around and the time and effort. It is beautiful to shoot. I love it. But the work before and after… it surprises me that people think it is easy. You point, focus and shoot, they say. But there is a little more involved than just that.

But the nice thing about the 21st century photography scene is it gives you scope to experiment. 5 years ago nobody would’ve believed that mobile phone photography would be big. But now photos taken on an iPhone have a particular following of their own. According to the statistics on Flickr, the iPhone 3G is the second most popular camera, just after the Nikon D90. That is the only phone on the list though… the other cameras are the Canon Rebel XSi (450D), the 5D Mark II and the Canon Rebel T1i (500D).

I do love the feel of some of the photos… but there is that age old debate – what is real photography? Processed images? Sharp, realistic ones? You want prettyness or you want reality? You want altered reality?

Professionally, at least in the starting stages, you deliver what the client wants. People ask me what my unique style is.

I don’t have an answer. I am still finding it. I know I like to shoot people and I probably do have a style in that. It leans more towards earthy and dark. While most others that get the most ‘likes’ are… ethereal. We like fantasy and photographs can create that fantasy. People tell me to hone in to one ‘area’ and stick to that but I like experimenting and trying out different styles till I find out that I like best.

Maybe it isn’t the way to go about it but then this is my first month in school. And it is kindergarden at that.

I post this photo for the day… because it is real and yet a little unreal. Which defines a lot of photography to me.

All roads lead to Rome, originally uploaded by Violet Kashi.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hi Leia,

    Darling, ur not the only one out there. Art has always been my passion and last year I decided to take up photography seriously and am about graduate in May (InshAllah). I left my job with a multinational bank to focus on photography and mainly to do free lance work. At the moment I am really still just studying and trying to build up my portfolio but you are so right when you say that there are a lot of photographers out there (and mostly those who take it up as a hobby). There have been a lot of times when I take a good picture that is good “compositionaly” yet people give comments like, “yah u musta done good photoshop” which really pisses me off as they assume that it’s only photoshop that helps make a good picture. We still need to educate people to understand that a good picture needs good composition, lighting, a mood as should be able to communicate with the audience. Sadly, in my part of the world a lot of struggle is still required when you try generating an income through art but I have always felt I should do what I am most passionate about hence my Cannon stays glued to me and I keep shooting hoping that someday I would be able to make a name for my self in this field.
    I suggest you dont let anything bother you and keep shooting the way you do. Even I feel that I havent identified what my “recipe” is yet but I will keep trying until I discover what it is. The smart ones would easily be able to notice the difference in your work when compared to one who is an utter un professional. Happy clicking! =)


  2. By the way I like the picture you have posted in here because of the colours, the perspective, the composition and the movement seen in the image which leads your eye into the image and takes it off the far end. *thumbsup*


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