How many times have we told ourselves that if we got through this one assignment, we would begin the next one well before the due date? If only we had a rupee for every time I heard that… or I told myself such things.

Today seems to be particularly suited to writing about this… I’m seated here with a huge mug of tea, post-midnight, working on a presentation that is due tomorrow morning. The presentation this time includes a lot more complex stuff… like really proving yourself.

It reminds me of all those occasions in uni when I’d be sprawled in the living room, music blasting in my ears till there was absolute silence, working away on my laptop till the sun came over the horizon. I would gulp down yet another hot chocolate, take a searing hot shower to wake me up further and head to the uni. I’d grab yet another coke, make a fabulous presentation – surprisingly – and then head home on that blurry yet very trippy second wave.

It isn’t just on assignment or presentations… procrastination is on everything. Making appointments with the doctor, the dentist, the tailor, the mechanic… waking up and getting ready for the day, cleaning the room, calling people and doing things…

Why do we delay these things? It isn’t laziness always… There could be reluctance, sometimes. Or hesitation… But shouldn’t we have learned from all those missed opportunities and rushing?

Nobody in India is ever on time. Which is good sometimes for me. I turn up five minutes late, they turn up 15 minutes late. And I would’ve made up a thousand stories or apologies in my mind but they don’t say a thing. They casually sit down and start off the conversation.

I guess that does go hand-in-hand with etiquette and manners. It is not done to be late. If you are ‘unavoidably’ detained, send a text or call beforehand and let us know how late you would be. I do that. I generally know how long it’ll take me to get somewhere and all the things involved, so I manage to give people an hour’s notice at least. Except sometimes, when I’m meeting friends.

And as I’m talking about manners… here’s a thing everyone needs to be taught in school now – cellphone manners.

Do not talk loudly on the cellphone. That is sort of like chewing loudly or with your mouth open.

Do not text/answer calls constantly when you are with other people. Yes, when you are with friends and you get a work-related call, we all have to take it sometimes. But what really annoys me – when people sit in front of me and are constantly texting someone else. If you are here in front of me, why not pay attention to me? If you really wanted to be with the other person, then you should have. Do not insult the one sitting in front of you by giving them a fraction of your attention. And no, messaging that person when you are with someone else does not make up for it.

Little stupid things that we never learn.

And now i’m going back to finish my work. Hopefully today.

(Btw, I have a Facebook page for my photos. If you know who I really am – like many of my readers do – look me up :-))

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