Random things that have been in my mind:

* I woke up yesterday morning and realised that a really close friend was flying out that morning, and not that night as I had thought. I had hoped for a chance at ‘one last conversation’ though I had no idea what I would say. I mean… she is another country but then most of my close friends are scattered across continents. We did have that ‘one last hang out’ session and more a while ago… and I slowly realised that whatever I would have spoken would’ve been banal, everyday things. Which I would continue to speak much later as well. With Facebook, Skype and all those other things, staying in touch is just a matter of wanting to be in touch right now. For most part.

* Childhood and innocence still exists and is delightful to watch. I was at a kid’s birthday party today… and it included a magic show. A little before it was to begin, one of the kids was seen crying quietly in the back. Adults suddenly got worried and grouped around him asking what happened. In between horrible hiccups, he said he was scared that the magician would turn him into a rabbit. Someone – an adult, obviously – had told him that because he hadn’t done his homework or was rude to someone or some such thing, the magician would turn him into a rabbit. And the kid believed it. It feels like a long time ago that I was a child and gullible. Actually, I rarely remember being like that though I’m sure I was. I was… I fell for some horrible stories that people told me. But that absolute trust in people, that I would trust whatever they would say, is something that has been missing for so long.

And it took that child to remind me about those lost days of innocence. I miss it… I miss the complete trust, the joy and the innocence of summer which meant cold lemonade, hot days which were spent plotting in the shade but outside the house, making up stories and freedom. Swings, slides and merry-go-rounds… scabbed knees and dirty fingernails. And most of all, the ease with which we believed what people said.

I guess that is why I was annoyed when the magician, when she started, was cracking quite adult jokes that went over the head of 5-year old kids and the ones she did crack about men and women with ‘i love yous’ and all that, were just so typical and so reinforcing of bad stereotypes.

* What on earth is it with guys who assume a female photographer in a club is fair game while the male photographers can take photos without making conversation or any of that hassle? Or is it just my style? Are there any other female photographers reading me? Please temme about your experiences!

* Enrique’s new single!!! Tonight I’m Loving You!!!!

Sigh… in love with Enrique alllllllll over again. Is there anyone else as yummylicious as him?


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