As The Dream Ends…

(This was a poem I wrote a while ago… thought I would share it here)

In that moment just as I awaken
Neither a dream nor a reality
You are there like you were never gone
More real than you ever were
More painful than I care to remember

You smile like you did
To make me feel it was all good
My heart yearns in response
Even as my brain hurries to awaken
To tell me you are not real
And perhaps you never were

You take me back to the places we were
As my dreams rush to fill in the moonlight
The silence your voice bought
And reality has nothing to say
Against the hope of that beautiful dream

It is but a moment
As I come into the reality
Smiling about us

Only to realise in another moment
It was all nothing but a dream
And my heart begins to weep all over again
For the dances we never had
For the things we never said
For the things we never heard
For all the things you didn’t say to make me stay

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