Add Friend: Mom

I came online today to write about this important topic – Parents on Facebook. And I see that someone actually beat me to it and it has even been picked as the top posts of the day.

I guess that just shows how weirder it is getting to have your parents on Facebook and other such sites. My mom isn’t one for internet and such things and definitely would not waste time on Facebook. She actually remembers to call people now and then and ‘keep in touch’. But recently, a friend’s mother added me on Facebook. Followed by her dad. And I my mouse hovered in between ‘confirm’ and ‘not now’ while I wondered about the repercussions of adding the parents.

It isn’t only bosses that you have to be aware of now. Parents are worse. Because if you block your boss from seeing all your feeds, he probably won’t ask you why. But parents ask you why they can’t see anything about you when you spend hours in front of that site. Which means, now every single photo, status message and link needs to be vetted, along with the comments.

Of course, it is a little worse with Indian parents. Even though many of them would rarely use their accounts, they hound their adult children to add them. And then they say “it is okay if you have girls/guys as friends and their photos. We are very open-minded” and the bizarreness of this statement never even occurs to them. They do not even realize that it isn’t ‘open-minded’ but is quite normal to have such friends.

Indian parents like to keep tabs on their kids long after they have stepped into adulthood. And with sites like Facebook, they sometimes get more than what they can chew.

And I definitely wouldn’t want any family member snooping around my account… even if it is as banal as I’m at some club. Of course, the chances are that I would’ve ditched some family thing and was at the club.

But how exactly does one react to these friend requests?

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