Back again

It has been a long while since I wrote… so much happening, so little time and even less inclination to put it all on paper and sort it out.

I have been covering a lot of concerts recently, along with fashion shows. The former can be interesting or extremely boring and sometimes also makes me wonder what exactly defines good music. I’ve seen a lot of experimentation, which is good I guess, but there is a lot of nonsense that comes out as well.

The latter though – the fashion shows – are just one step away from sheer torture. It really makes me wonder what people were thinking or smoking when they designed a particular piece of clothing. Do they actually expect people to wear this on the road? And you have to shoot this with a straight face. I look around and see my colleagues faces and I see the same boredom or disbelief on their faces as well… but it is our job to shoot. And I don’t know about the pros but I feel a little awkward when the model is looking straight into my camera and I’m not shooting.

There is a curious intimacy, a connect between your subject and you at that moment. And it is really hard not to shoot. A good model knows how to create that connection.

I recently also shot a series of photos of women’s back. The models at the show were all wearing saris and looked incredibly sexy. And I realised a couple of things – the shape of a woman’s body is depicted in the curve of a woman’s back and it is possible to shoot such photos even in a fashion show.

No, I’m not gay. It is possible to appreciate a woman’s beauty without having to sexually connect to it. Or each to their own honestly. If you think that’s not possible, that’s your problem.

I recently discovered this concept of audiobooks catching up in India as well. I had heard to maybe one or two in Australia and never really managed to hear the whole thing at all. But now they are bringing out a whole load of Indian books as audiobooks and I wonder how the reaction will be here.

Personally, though the idea behind the books is interesting, it never appealed to me. I usually tune out the speaker about two minutes into the book. And then there is the whole you need to really like the voice of the reader, get used to the inflections and stress at points when perhaps you wouldn’t have really thought about it. Reading is given another’s person’s perspective and I’m not sure if I am ready for that.

Perhaps it works as kids but I would really like best to curl up with a book… it also means relaxation and that I have the time for it. Hearing to a book when I’m driving or working out simply seems… blah.

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