There are a few spare minutes left to put down so many thoughts that are crowding the mind. Where do I even dare to begin?

Nobody knows you best like an old friend, apparently. I guess they know parts of us that we tend to forget and old friends act as a reminder for our old selves. And when those old friendships die, they hurt the most and the ghosts linger forever. They crop up in the most unexpected moments, the sharp pangs strong enough to bring tears.

I remembered one of those old friends a few days ago… it came without a warning and I was shocked by the intensity of how much I missed an old friend. Someone who understood me and supported me without words. We would’ve laughed over somethings and there would’ve been words of advice framed so gently that it wouldn’t have irritated me. I can almost hear the words that would’ve been said… because I had told her those words at some point myself. That was a part of us – repeating words to each other, in different phases of life. It was ironic that we would be in the same situation and forget the words we’d have told the other a few days ago.

I never questioned the presence of someone in my life till I noticed their absence.

Is it irony that this was the friend who gave me one of my most memorable quotes – “We laugh about the days we cried together but we never realise that looking back on the days we laughed together would make us cry one day.”


The heat is overpowering the city… I notice the stark absence of trees on roads that had beautiful canopies merely two years ago and I detest the metro. The bloody thing has not even begun yet and has caused so many problems. Will it be worth it?

Summer generally evokes memories of long holidays and all that it involved. Cool juices, tender coconuts, hours spent plotting in the shade and getting charred black in the sun. There were so many things that  had to be done and so little time. That part still remains true, though now mostly I want to just lie in a cool room and sleep the heat away.


Jan Lokpal Bill: Will it work?

I’m too much of a cynic to ever believe that something like this will work. Yet I hope that it will. If we ever have to get somewhere and not be stuck with the ‘developing’ country tag forever, we need this move (and several others).

I have often been accused of being too harsh on India. And I’ve often replied that I want to see the best out of my country. We have the potential, buried under layers of corruption, laziness, ignorance and sheer mule-headedness. I would’ve wished for a land with no religion and caste, but that would be a waste of a wish. Mankind always needs to divide and define.

In India, we stress more on those divisions than the truth. Castes, states, religion, languages, food and so many other types of divisions.

If this Bill is passed though, in about a decade, we will require a complete new set of politicians. Is there even a single politician who does not have a scandal to his name? Even Rahul Gandhi does, even though he seems to be the cleanest.

And that’s all the time for today folks.

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