There are various definitions for this word. Psychology actually calls it a mental condition. But after having studied psychology for three years and knowing for sure that the mind is really vast and confusing and cannot be put into a book, the definition I like of this word is ‘A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness’.

But mostly, I like to figure out when this thing sets in and why. This area of ‘blahness’ that makes you blase towards everything and everyone.

I woke up from a not-so-refreshing afternoon nap to a phone call that was not particularly reassuring. Already sick of the heat and the struggle to find a cooler place to sleep, the call pretty much disgruntled me. Or it might just be the fact that it reminded me that I have a lot of chores pending yet and haven’t gotten around to doing anything at all yet.

The search for that something elusive is on – and this time it is for the perfect photo.

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