Why Not To Travel In A Bus

It has been a while since I traveled in a local bus. Not the plush, AC buses that are seen on the streets of my city. These are the more-in-number blue buses that have open windows and a local crowd.

The first part of the journey was good. I met two girls who were still in college and were quite happy to hold my heavy bag and we began chatting about ipods and thereby, music. I meant to get off at an earlier stop but got caught up in the discussion and ended up at the central bus stop.

It is called ‘Majestic‘ and I’ve always wondered why because it is anything but. What it is… is a huge sprawling, confusing mix of buildings, pedestrian flyovers and filth. It is definitely cleaner than it was a decade ago but no less crowded.

And the crowds are something that one needs a lot of experience to deal with properly. I remembered the basic rules and my bag was held close to my side and we managed to get out of the bus before it moved away. My iPod, however, was still half plugged in and the next thing I know is someone was reaching out for it. But wait… he wasn’t. Turns out he was just a pervert in a crowd… I reacted before I thought it through and my hand connected with his cheek. I don’t think it made much of an impact… but Shilpa, one of the college girls behind me, definitely did connect.

The experience threw me off enough to shelve the rest of my ‘bus’ day plans… but Shilpa and Priya shrugged philosophically and said this was a daily thing. There is always one guy in a crowd who try their chance, they said.

Crowded area, you are moving fast… who really has time to react?

Lesson learned.

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