This & That

One of the recommended articles today read “Possible Cellphone-Cancer Link Seen”. I pretty much skipped it… till I saw the same theme being repeated on a couple of other news services. So I thought maybe it was something significant.

But turns out… it was the same old stuff being repeated. Why now though? I figured today would all be about tobacco and smoking… I heard enough of that on the radio. Perils of smoking etc… along with how smoking is also an icebreaker. In a company where the bosses smoke, other smokers tend to be closer to the boss than the non-smokers. As someone said it – you are all equals when your boss turns to you for a light.

… Meanwhile, the list of movies I want to watch keep growing. People who have seen some of these things say that I haven’t missed much or missed out on something that would bring incredible meaning to my life. But has anyone tried entering the local theaters lately? A movie watching session is pretty much a week’s pay… as a friend who innocently took his cousin’s out for a treat found out.

Mastercard should make ads on this:
Price of two tickets: Rs. 500 (or more if it is a weekend and a blockbuster)
Price of popcorn etc: Rs. 500
Parking charges: Rs. 100
Meal after/before movie: Rs. 1000
The experience of watching the movie: Priceless (or it better be after all this drama)

And yes… booking tickets beforehand, which means active planning. I miss those days when we could walk into a theatre at anytime and watch a movie for 50 bucks!

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