The paper said that monsoons are officially here.

It has been raining for a couple of weeks as I remember… but yet, it doesn’t feel like monsoons are here. There was that one day when the roads were flooded and the city shook under the rain.

But there I was, huddling under the thin plastic of a shop, waiting for the rain to stop so I could head home…

I like Bangalore rains. The city turns into a huge pool, the traffic crawls to a stop, electricity disappears till the next morning and trees are often found on the road. Yet, there is such a charming beauty. The buildings look more beautiful, the yellow street lights (if they are still burning) look beckoning like a flame to a moth. Everything looks mysterious, and you can almost believe… looking at those empty roads that Bangalore is still Bangalore and not the pushed-down-our-throat-Bengaluru that is more fake than Chinese goods.

I miss open air cafes in Bangalore… those places where you were away from the rain, yet in it. Those little cheap tea stores where tea cost 5 bucks, not so much that you wouldn’t have the bus fare to go home.

I miss that little avenue on MG Road, where you could sit, smoke and watch the world go by. There are so few places in the city like that now.

People everywhere, loud noises everywhere. Every cafe and restaurant feels compelled to play music way too loud in an attempt to drown out the meaningless conversations happening around it. And bad music at that. On repeat.

Remember those times when meaningless conversations were the order of the day? We discussed politics, politicians, the horrible state of the government, the wars, the environment and dreamed that we would bring about change. We argued like our lives depended on it and fought like we would be enemies for a lifetime.

More serious issues took over our lives – earning a wage, buying a car, building a house and such things.

I guess sometimes rain does make me a little melancholy. But at least those empty roads can make you believe, if only for a moment, that the city I grew up in and loved still exists underneath all the chaos.

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