I was casually browsing the internet searches that led to my blog… and here are the top/funny contenders.

1. “salman khan in tight pants”
Actually, there were a whole bunch of searches about Salman Khan/Dabbang/his pants and sunglasses that led to my blog… like ‘ray ban glasses from salman khan dabaang movie’.

2. “i want a nice india girls for friend ship email to email 2010”
Uh huh… I guess this is about that ‘frandship’ ads in paper post that I did.

3. “write aletter to your friend about ipl match on moon in hindi”
Dear Student,
Googling about such things to do your homework. Really does not help. Watch a few hindi movies instead.

4. “lines to be written in slam book”
And there were variations of that… apparently, now we google what to write in a slam book as well!

5. Cradle of Filth
❤ Seriously! Searches to Cradle of Filth and Dani Filth actually lead to my blog… somewhere.

6. “how to make lights on the clothes like the ones in step up two movie”
I have NO idea how this would pull up my blog. But if the reader did get an answer, I’d really love to know too 😉

7. “ugly truth about cow slaughter”
Well… cow slaughter and religion were hot topics on this site a few months ago.

8. “what to bring to a dinner invite, when they say not to bring anything?” and “difference between dinner and lunch in india” and “guest to dinner invitation what to carry”
… various versions of this and this is probably the highest hit for my blog.
I guess Indian culture is quite confusing and will all the international population we are getting, they need to know. I might write about this… but for now, check out this blog that might have tips… and some laughter.

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