The Easy Generation

If the 21st century had to be defined in a single word, it would probably be ‘speed’. This century is all about technology, gadgets and each faster than the other.

It makes me wonder if this makes everything come too easy to us, making us lose the ability to have the patience to work towards anything.

Everything is ‘booming’ and technology makes things that were previously expensive dirt cheap.

Cannot find a publisher to publish your book? Do it yourself. Or better, just put it online.

Cannot find a studio to record your songs? Do it yourself. And release the video on YouTube a la Justin Beiber.

Beiber was a mere speck when I first heard of him… and look at him now. Does he give YouTube royalties?

‘course, in the end, talent does really stand out (not thinking of Beiber here). But you can still sell those 1000 copies of your book and maybe 500 to all your friends. you might even get lucky with a few blogger reviewing your book and you are the next big thing… well, till the next big thing.

Kids are taught that too. No place in the dance school? Get another 4 kids together and start your own. You finish the exams and you have a certificate. You can buy an engineering degree and a medical degree. And a certificate for anything.

Quality? Myeh!

‘Course the creme always rises to the top (or is that froth) but there is a lot of more crap floating out there to find that ‘creme’.

I would also argue that the cheaper cost has made it easier for everyone to live their dreams. So what if it isn’t good enough? You want a book published and you got it done.

Everyone does deserve a chance to live their dream…

I had this strange obsession a while ago… I wanted to find a ‘good’ Indian faff writer. You know… like chick lit but not bodice rippers. Something like the Shopaholic series or maybe… fun fiction?

We do have our share of Naipauls and Lahiris but I did not want to read another tale about the NRI. I wanted to read about my city and someone like me, perhaps. I searched everywhere and read some really horrible stuff. They were written in such bad english that I wondered what the critics who said ‘english writing in India is booming’ were smoking.

These were copies of Chetan Bhagat’s books – all about IITs or the call centers.

Women authors were worse. They wrote about ‘independent’ women. The definition of ‘independent’ though were women who slept around, worked in HR/PR, wore skirts, smoked and drank. And in the end, were more desperate to simply find a guy and get married.

I found redemption in a book titled ‘Keep The Change’. But one book in millions?

And then I find out that a lot of these books were self published. Like a movie director who wanted to live out his fantasies. We all dream of being Speilberg… but the reality is something else.

True, thanks to this new ability, a lot of people have been published or done stuff and recognized, as it wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

But are we creating a generation of kids who simply take the easy way out, or they would be known as ‘go getters’?

We could cite the examples of Bill Gates and Zuckerberg who went their own way and created something. But are those geniuses the exception to the rule or the new rule?

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