Closet Cleaning!

In the course of modern life, we accumulate a lot of baggage. Books, bills, papers, souvenirs… and junk. Much of the earlier stuff could also come under junk, particularly in the case of hoarders like me.

But today, after years of laziness, I was struck by a sudden desire to be organized.

Some people organize their clothes by colour, occasion and many other such things. Their jewelry is organized in neat trays or boxes, the shoes lined up according to type and books arranged alphabetically.

I am not one of those. But today, I had a sudden desire to be.

But I sifted through my clothes, I realised how much excess I had! There were clothes that were bought in the moment and never worn because I hated the colour/it was too big/the cut sucked on me.

There were clothes that I refused to throw out though they were resembling something used to wipe the dirty sink counter because I absolutely loved those.

And then there were those gifts that you do not have the heart to throw nor the nerve to wear.

And the clothes that you kept in the vain hope that you ‘home making skills’ would suddenly surface one day and the torn t shirt could be made into a beautiful pillow cover, the jeans into a bag and the broken sunglasses into… well, something.

There is a curious relief in unburdening yourself of all those excesses.

It feels good to throw out stuff!!!!!!

Once all the excesses were purged, I wondered why I had kept those in my wardrobe. They are just clothes… but my head feels so much lighter and clearer.

Now, I know I will probably fill it up again… and I had to hold myself back from throwing away all those clothes that I rarely use. But it feels good to live without the excesses.

Of course, there are things that could be given or sold… stuff that haven’t been removed from their bags, with the price tags intact. What was I thinking when I got all this? If someone wants it, it is yours!

One thought on “Closet Cleaning!

  1. haha I recently just did that. I had years worth of old/never worn clothes, and things that I just collected just cuz I couldn’t throw it away (can you believe I had pretty chocolate wappers in that collection? haha)…Years later it just might come in handy! I completely agree that it was a huge relief, I didn’t realized all the junk I had collected until I actually started cleaning it all up.

    I think in a sense, it also helps mentally, you tend to let go of attachment to material things


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