Google+ vs Facebook

My mind’s cluttered with a million things and what i really need is an organizer that can really sort everything out for me. Something that can read my mind and automatically classify things according to priority, deadlines, categories and even include cross-referencing and plot out the day according to my geographical location.

But no one is working on such a thing.

What they are working on is a new version of a ‘social’ network – Google+

And then they are spending more time talking about this so-called network and comparing it to Facebook and how FB got punched in the face.

To me, G+ is like a combination of Twitter and a bit of Facebook. So they took Tweets, removed the character limit, took friend’s list from FB and called it ‘circles’ and made cool interfaces and included their old chat stuff and ‘hangouts’ (which is chat again, if you think of it) and there was G+.

Kudos to Google for coming up with something like that. The best part about G+ is you can work it all from within your Gmail, which is something we all are hooked to anyway.

But if G+ Facebook’s rival? It could be… but Google has already had plenty of awesome projects that never really took off because it was way ahead of its time.

I love G+’s “Spark” feature and I hate that anyone can follow you.

But what else is new? How does it help me?

Now, can someone get started on that organizer?

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