Harry Potter – R.I.P

I haven’t seen the last Harry Potter movie yet. I’ll get to it sometime… eventually.

I actually hate the Harry Potter movies as much as I love the books. But that’s a common complaint of a book lover. They go chop chop chop in the movies, stripping away all the interesting nuggets to make room for action. So the Potter movies had plenty of blasts and hoots but they stripped away some of what I considered the soul of the book.

And then they went a step ahead and even changed some of the book and I lost all respect for it.

I went back still, like an addict, to watch those movies… only to come out horribly disappointed and cursing those directors and even JK Rowling for allowing this to happen.

Yet, this last movie leaves me a little sad. Because it means the end of Harry Potter in a way the book had not envisioned.

I first discovered Harry Potter when some friends from the US gave me this huge, hard-bound book with a cover that isn’t found in any shops now. There was a skinny boy with glasses holding a bird’s tail and flying up.

“Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets” the title read and my friends hoped that I would enjoy the book that was currently the rage in the rest of the world.

It was like I was led into a chamber of secrets but with better stuff in it than what Harry found.

I couldn’t wait for the next one and then the next one, till I became one of those who booked those books long before it was released and rushed to the store first thing in the morning. Well, almost the first thing.

I devoured the last one and closed it reluctantly, like there was a part of me that was leaving. What was I supposed to read next?

I had found Harry Potter when I was about 12 or 13… and grown up alongside him. Harry, Hermione and Ron were as unformed as the world they were in initially. And slowly, Rowling added more to world they lived in as she did to their characters.

The movies progressed the same way. The only good thing about the first movie were the three kids. Adorable they were, though I wondered if Hermione was supposed to be so cute.

Here’s a trip down memory lane.

There honestly hasn’t been another book since that has caught me so much. It might be fantasy and fiction… but truly well written fiction can create a new world that seem equally real.

Rowling has been compared to Tolkien or Jordan. She never aspired to compete with any of them. What she did – create a universe that exists with our own universe, amidst us and yet away from us, unlike Lord of The Rings (still one of my favorites) or other books.

I’ve never been able to really read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I sort of forget what the sentence started as before it ends and I forget half the names of the characters before the page has ended.

I guess we relate to Harry more than Aragorn, Bilbo or even the siblings from Narnia.

The only consolation – rumors that Rowling is working on a new Potter book (though wonder how that’ll be) and The Hobbit is being made into a movie.

Edit: If anyone suggest Twilight or any of those books as replacing Potter or being as awesome, they shall be rewarded with one tight slap. Constipated vampires and anorexic girls do not make interesting reading.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter – R.I.P

  1. Yeah, I completely agree with you. I have read all the Harry Potter books a few times and the week before the movie I re-read the 7th book. I am a HUGE fan of the books, I fell in love with them at around the same age u did, and couldn’t stop re-reading them. they bring back memories while at the same time you learn something new every time you read it.

    I saw the movie. Avoid at all costs!!!! I thought this was the worst out of all of them. I was rather sad throughout the week before the movie because it was all going to end, one way or another. And this was the worst, the other movies at least stuck to the book. I don’t understand how the movie got such good reviews, considering how it was sooo horrible. They changed a lot of it, and I saw part 1 and part 2 in a row, and part 1 was wayyyyy better. I was depressed for a few days after just cuz they ruined the only chance they had to make a good exit, and to do the book justice. All they had to do was stick to the book. I don’t know how JK Rowling could have let it happen! Sigh.


    1. Yeah I’ve heard horrible reviews from people who’ve watched it. But the NYTimes went gaga over the movies, praising it a little too much. I guess they are caught up in that whole ‘harry potter series’ charisma thing. I’ve not really liked any of the movies and yet I go and watch them…

      I figured there would be changes in this one anyway… the ad shows Potter jumping off a cliff with Voldemort and that alone was enough to make me go ‘what the…’


    1. Some of them have. But guess they also know the fact that lots of book pieces get chopped off in a movie simply cuz it shud be fit into two hrs. So they choose the interesting parts.

      If you’ve seen Chocolat, the ending in d book is much different than kn d movie n I actually prefer the latter.

      Then again, lord of the rings is exactly like in the book n I love it.


  2. You are right, there are some books where it is fine when they change the ending, but Harry Potter has a special place in my heart 😉 as an avid reader myself, unless I specifically did not like the ending of a book, I prefer if they stick to the book. It’s understandable for them to skip parts, mainly because you cannot cover a lot in a 2 hr frame, but I abhor it when they change things unnecessarily…mainly the big stuff like in HP with them clutching each other and jumping off the tower top (why would they ever stand that close unless harry was not tied up? and it doesn’t even happen in the book), small stuff doesn’t count as much.


    1. Yeah… there are so many little things they’ve changed during the series… totally unnecessary. But considering they split the last book into two movies, least they could do is get the ending right!


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