The Smart Phone Bug

We all catch this bug every now and then… some of us fall victims several times a year.

I’ve slowly been leaning towards the touch-screen, smart phone genre for a while… and finally I got around to reading the reviews and comparisons between the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

I cannot decide which one is more awesome and which one I would like to own. In the interim, discussions began between my friends about which is awesome and why the iPhone is better/worse.

I’ve had this discussion several times and I was even an iPhone fan till I bought one and then, infamously (or is it infamously?) returned it in a few hours. I hated the experience of the iPhone… too smooth, too expensive and what annoyed me the most – I had no control over my phone.

If I pay close to half a lakh for a cellphone, shouldn’t I be expected to have complete control over it? But Apple is like a strict parent, censoring what I can download and what I cannot and what I can share.

True, they do have brilliant interfaces, a great screen and a good camera. But now that the others have learnt the art of smart-phone making, Apple needs to do something different.

In India particular (and pardon me if I am repeating myself), you buy a phone for about 40 grand, yet you cannot use it with any other network other than the one you buy it from. In other countries, where you buy the phone on a cap and hence get it a little cheaper, it makes a little sense to be ‘locked’ into the network for a particular duration.

How does that make sense in India when you are paying the full price of the phone? And yes, if you ‘unlock’ it, you lose the warranty. And the bluetooth… can someone please explain to me the purpose of having an atrophying bluetooth in the iPhone?

Anyway, back to the HTC-Samsung war… which one is better? I like Android… I like the fact that I have majority control over my phone. I can lock it, throw it, download any sort of nonsense and be solely responsible for it.

HTC Sensation
Samsung Galaxy S2


One thought on “The Smart Phone Bug

  1. I have been using Galaxy s2 since 2 months, and it’s just awesome. To my knowledge, it’s still the best phone you can get in the market.


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