I’m already a little tired of the hoopla surrounding the Lokpal bill. I just can’t seem to get straight answers about a lot of questions.

Like, who will police the police? What’ll happen if those people turn corrupt? Who is to ensure that money doesn’t slip through the cracks again?

Corruption is seeped into our culture. Everyone, starting from the watchman to the minister, wants a piece of every pie. I’m tired of paying bribes.

People say that the answer to this is having more money. We bring back all that black money, we tighten rules and then people will have to work by the law – therefore, you’ll save money and be able to live within your means.


So inflation and all those things are a mere product of corruption? Sounds plausible. Sort of.

But India has so many heads and arms… how should everyone move the same way? Once you get through this, there are issues about minorities and reservations and the abuse of those systems. And then the abuse of the minorities and Hindus going up in arms about irrelevant issues like the Ayodhya thing. And so then the whole thing starts again about rights, religion, politics and caste and all that.

There are problems with everyone demanding their own state, like it is their own little land to build a house. It is only a matter of time before these issues crop up.

The problem with India isn’t just corruption. It is the fact that everyone’s too busy looking at the end of their nose to really care about the rest of the country and what’s better for the larger picture. With such a self-absorbed nation fighting about religion, caste and nonsense like this, how the hell will we ever fight for one goal in the long term?

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