Old Bollywood

Hollywood definitely has it over Bollywood in terms of plot, direction, cinematography and execution and budgets and all that stuff.

But that little old Indian soul of mine drags me back to Bollywood movies every now and then. And the slightly old Bollywood movies… like when Salman Khan still had the boyish face, Karishma Kapoor had the straight hair and did funny movies, when Govinda was still thin and Saif Ali Khan hadn’t gotten to the sexy stage yet but was fun regardless.

I’ve watched Main Khiladi Tu Anari about 20 times and I still wouldn’t mind watching it. I own copies of Andaz Apna Apna and currently hunting for Chaalbaaz.

Many people have tried to explain this reaction we have to these gaudy movies with a really flimsy plot and horrible dancing. Nobody has a plausible explanation yet.

But you watch these movies, laugh about the jokes or about the lines that sound super silly… and even while you marvel how much we’ve grown since then, it feels good. Perhaps the word would be ‘nostalgia’. Those movies playing once a week… on Saturday nights on DD, when the entire family would sit down to watch it. The songs playing Sunday mornings at 8 AM. When we still reveled in watching Small Wonder even though it came to India a couple of decades late.

Do kids these days watch Small Wonder and feel the same? Or do they watch that horrrrrible hindi remake? See… there is that disdain for the newer range of Bollywood (and sitcom) stuff… we wouldn’t be caught dead watching any of the sitcoms now.

But if Sholay’s on… its definitely TV time 🙂

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