Maya Memsaab

Conspiracy theorists and paranoid crooks can have nothing whatsoever on Mayawati – the woman who thinks Julian Assange is out to get her.

Of all the people in the world, Assange would take the time and effort to bring down one annoying and power-drunk woman in a little state of India.

I’m often torn between amusement and indignation when I read such reports about people like her. The whole world often revolves around them. And these are the people ‘ruling’ our country. Isn’t this exactly what happened about a century ago?

Egoist kings, not elected, but still ruling… and then some guy played to their ego and they lost the kingdom and everything else. I guess things really haven’t changed much in a century.

We have cellphones and computers, and conspiracy theories and CMs worrying about being poisoned. There are drug lords and confused, gluttonous souls in political parties, bandit queens become MPs, as do similar people.

Oh… so things have changed. For the worse. Least all we had to worry about then were greedy kings.

There was a small point when I had to pause and laugh… for all her idiosyncrasies, Maya Memsaab is still the Sex and the City type woman I guess. I mean sending a plane alllll the way to Mumbai for just shoes is something like Sarah Jessica Parker buying shoes when she doesn’t have money for food.

Or is MM going to be India’s version of Queen Marie Antoinette?

Knowing MM, she’ll probably think being compared to a queen is an honor.

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