I feel like I have been away from the computer for an eternity, while it is actually closer to two days or less. But suddenly, there have been so many changes in all the sites that I visit regularly.

Facebook majorly revamped its design and I’m not yet convinced if I like it. For starters, there is too much of stuff picked by the FB algorithm and who knows what that is on. It feels like FB is pushing things down my throat and I am not comfortable with it. If they decide they like, say, Nike more than Puma, all updates about Nike will be on my feed from my friends and less of Puma. Just saying.

I like to decide what I want to see and what I do not. While I appreciate the integrated platforms, I do not want my friends to know everything that I’m reading, listening and seeing. Let’s leave something to conversation as well. And no, I do not have the patience to sort people into groups.

This sure does seem like FB’s master plan to conquer the world. Actually, forget those aliens. Mark Zuckerberg has a better chance of world domination.

WordPress changed too… little nuggets of ‘follow’ this and that.

The whole world, least online, seems to be wanting to give us opportunities to ‘follow’ our interests and have separate streams but they just end up cluttering my world more. There are all these feeds from various sources and I honestly do not have the time or patience to read everything recommended by everyone. I miss those days of constant reading, or the days of limited reading but quality reading. I read The NewYorker, The New York Times, Reuters’ news feed, AP, random bits on Google News about India and its counterparts, various blogs… and I seemed to know a lot more than I do now.


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