Throw The Baby…

So here I am, researching various thoughts and projects, scanning as many news clips as I can… and I slowly make way to the current news.

The first thing I see if the new TRAI guidelines. I should be celebrating the whole ‘no more spam on cellphone’ bit but I am getting a little tired of the ‘whole or nothing’ mentality our governments seem to be running by.

After years of debate elsewhere about network providers even charging for messaging, TRAI intends to limit the number of messages a person can send. 100 a day. Seriously? Does anyone sitting in those stuffy government rooms realize that an average college student sends over 100 messages a day? That there are certain times when a lot of people send over 100 messages a day – like a festival?

The ironic part of this is that the telemarketing companies and such still manage to get away with sending messages because of a couple of loopholes in this law. They simply need to ‘register’ and comply with a couple of points.

The point of this entire exercise was to stop these spam messages… but all it seems to have done is stop the messages from my friends.

Little things have begun to irk me… Heavy vehicles refuse to accede to a ‘no entry’ board at some road… so you just put a couple of major stones in the center of the road, without any reflectors.

People refuse to stick to their side of the lane, so you shrink the little space available with massive dividers.

People drive too fast, so you post a speed breaker at every 10 yards.

You cannot distinguish between ‘dance bars’ and ‘clubs with dance floors’ so you simply ban dancing in the entire city. Further on, you also ban live music because, apparently, that is somehow related to women dancing.

Drinking is bad. It is a sin. Forget the fact that taxes collected from restaurants etc is one of the highest. You think people do bad things like dance, sing and make merry when they are drunk. Worse! Men and women talk to each other in such places. So you ban all those things because you don’t want trouble in the society.

What happened to clear-headed, rational laws?

Soon we’ll have laws that either hike up caste-based reservations to 90 percent or abolish it completely, instead of finding a nice alternative.

Cellphones will be banned because people use them while driving and have accidents.

Cars will be banned because they clutter up the streets and too many of them mess up those finally-fixed roads.

(Yes this is a rant!)

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