Frieda Pinto

I came across this post about Freida Pinto. The post is a month old… but it a question that hasn’t still been answered.

Why hasn’t the Indian population accepted Freida Pinto?

It is rather surprising, particularly given our tendency to ‘own’ even second-generation American Indians like Bobby Jindal or anyone who has the slightest hint of Indian ancestry. And here is a girl who his as Indian as she can get, and yet there has been a reluctance in the Indian media to go hyper over her.

Personally, I find her a lot more charming and capable than Aishwarya Rai, whom the media likes to tout as the one to break into Hollywood. Rai almost ruined one of my favorite comedies – Pink Panther and hasn’t really been heard of much in California.

Pinto, on the other hand, has been making a stream of movies. I haven’t seen many yet but which other Indian actress can claim 4 movies in Hollywood and gracing the red carpet for many events, and doing all that while being the epitome of Indian grace.

True, she isn’t beautiful in the traditional sense of ‘beauty’ as we define it. She isn’t fair, she doesn’t have those green eyes like Rai and all that. But she’s far more charming and beautiful than the current crop of Indian actresses.

“India will never accept Freida Pinto unless she proves herself in Bollywood,” a filmmaker acquaintance told me recently, the article read.

Bollywood – where we have women like Katrina Kaif – a definite hottie who really can’t act; Bipasha Base – ditto; Priyanka Chopra – as boring as yesterday’s news. How many of these women can claim substantial roles in commercial cinema? Proving oneself in Bollywood does not take acting talent, least for the women. It takes big boobs and nice hair.

Not all of Pinto’s movies have received rave reviews, nor has her acting talent. But some of it is due to the movies she picked, that got sad reviews… and some due to her acting. But she continues to shine.

And that isnt’ the point either… because since when did we start throwing away actresses because they couldn’t act. If that were the case, everyone from Katrina Kaif to Deepika Padukone and even Kareen Kapoor to an extent wouldn’t be around.

What is it that keeps the Indian media from going gaga over Pinto?

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