I write. I delete. I write. I delete.

There are things on my mind… but they seem to be the repetition of things I’ve said so often that I just don’t feel like giving them more space. More rants about the system and everything that is going wrong. Ugh.

But then, it seems like the entire world is poised on the verge of a revolution. Protests and crusades everywhere. Even in that ‘we are perfect’ US of A. Finally, the common man speaks. Even as the entire world was bracing for World War III, it seems this is going to be an internal war first. Of course, that could delay WW IV for another couple of decades or so.


I spent a little bit of time today browsing through some old posts, because of an ‘anonymous’ comment on one of them.

Anonymous comments have become the trend on my blog. Particularly on controversial posts, or posts related to Indian women, religion or such. I do generally publish every comment positive or negative… but when these comments are abusive and anonymous, I do not think I should publish. If you want to say something, least have the courage to put a name to your comments.


A little bit of the news from my city.

The biggest news yesterday was about the arrest of the former CM of Karnataka. Every newspaper covered it. And it was quite interesting how they all had a different take on the news that was basically “Former CM arrested on corruption charges.”

Indian Express: Bail Rejected; BSY Surrenders
Subtitle: Yeddiyurappa sent to jail after Lokayukta Court refuses bail, remanded in judicial custody with Setty till Oct 22

Bangalore Mirror: Yeddiyurappa arrest jeopardises Advani’s anti-graft yatra
Subtitle: The veteran leader is caught in a bind with the arrest of BJP’s first CM in South India and that too on charges of corruption, the theme song of his tour.

Deccan Chronicle: Jail for BSY, BJP in doldrums

Hindu: Faced with arrest warrant, Yeddiyurappa surrenders
Subtitle: High drama as Lokayukta Courstr remands him in judicial custody)

2nd headline: Arrest likely to  intensify intra  party rivalry
(This was the only paper not to have a banner headline)

The Times of India: Prachark, Politician, Prisoner
Subtitle: Denied bail, BSY evades arrest for over 4 hours

DNA: Shatter day for BSY
Subtitle: Yeddy becomes the first former CM from State to be jailed

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