Greek Gods

After a session of watching “Clash of the Titans” from which, for some unfathomable reason, I could not pull myself away from, I began thinking about Greek mythology again.

The movie, of course, is sheer Hollywood nonsense where they’ve adapted all the characters and their relationships according to their liking. But an ounce of truth that does stay is that the Greek Gods always seemed to adapt men to their own likings. I guess that is why the phrase ‘according to the whims of God’…

I used to wonder why Zeus was so arrogant… if he was truly a God, shouldn’t he be just and kind and all that? Why would he want to disguise himself as a swan so he could get to a woman who turned him down? Why would be appear to Danae as a golden shower? And of course, he would’ve added Thetis’ name to his list of conquests if not for the prophecy that the son she would bear would be greater than the father.

But then… all mythology is so filled with the very things are preached against, isn’t it?

Indian mythology is more purified, because of the current God status a lot of characters hold… but when you read in between the lines, there is greed, jealousy, envy, anger and all those things that are sinful.

I do not really have a point to this post… I was reminded of some ‘pagan’ goddesses I read about a long time ago… the Goddess of Earth, the Goddess of Spring, of fertility. They belonged to little tribes in Africa and perhaps in Europe. Their shapes were crude… but they seemed so much more relevant.

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