A Photographic Retrospective of 2011 – Part 1

So Year 1 of a Photography Career… Much of my style and sense of imagery has evolved since January last year. A quick look back at the best images in 2011..

January… My first ever official assignment as a photographer – to cover an arts show. I wandered around, juggling shooting what I liked and what I was supposed to shoot.

February: The season of fashion shows begin. My first ever Fashion Show – Bangalore Fashion Week. I knew how to shoot… but I wasn’t sure what to capture. And fashion shows actually seemed exciting!

March: Kids. Celebrities. Weddings. The three things that seem to be the theme for the month.

I start my project at the Indriya Foundation, working with kids and covering their everyday life.

I start working for magazines, which requires shooting a lot of celebrities.

I get a hint of my interest in weddings that are to follow in that year.

At the Akon Concert

April: April was a month of concerts. Summer sunshine makes it perfect. There is something absolutely awe inspiring about being right underneath the stage and watching the performance. Of course, I got to shoot one concert and just listen to the other. But it worked out quite well, in terms of music.

May: Winding roads and a bike trip, and a lazy afternoon spent shooting beautiful antique jewelry.

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