The Government is Watching You Watch Bad Programs

I was watching ‘American Pie’ on TV last night… the movie was the first movie I ever watched with a lot of cuss words and funny sex and all that. Of course, I watched it on my computer without my parents really knowing, because I wasn’t really sure if they would approve or not.

A few years later, I watched a rerun on TV happily, knowing my parents wouldn’t really fuss about it.

But watching it last night on TV was like the parents had already gotten to the movie and deleted not only every single swear word, but also words like ‘sex’, ‘dick’ and its synonyms that were used in the movie.

What is happening with Indian television? We still use vats of glycerin on TV, with women decked up more than an average Christmas tree boohooing about their in-laws, husbands who are having affairs or missing children. We have Hindi movies that swear like a local hooligan on the Delhi metro.

And they bother censoring words like ‘sex’? And not just censoring, they subtitle it as ‘making love’ every time, if they absolutely have to. And they do not dare subtitle the word ‘ass’ as ‘ass’. They say ‘buttocks’ or something even more stupid.

REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? That is supposed to clean up our language and save our culture? What exactly is the point of such censorship? And why has this gone unnoticed so long?

They sneaked up on us… They changed content. And then there was that horrible black line “If you have a problem with the content…” and then all the offending words just disappeared from TV.

In the age of cable, everyone has the freedom to watch what they want. Parents can install child locks on TV, they can give open access to only certain kinds of programs to their horny teenagers who will get sooooo worked up by even hearing the word sex or seeing people exchange a quick peck on TV. Who the hell is the government to censor what I want to watch?!

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