Dear BJP,

Looks like Tehelka read one of my previous posts… Read this about Karnataka and BJP recently.

Tehelka is supposed to be a little anti-BJP, so a friend warns me that we are supposed to take this with a pinch of salt.

Religion is a popular and most favorite card of all political parties. But every time the BJP government plays that card, it puts a few extra cards on it and makes a huge impact. Probably, that is because of the ‘Hindutva’ card they play and have support in the form of hooligan friends RSS and Shiv Sena.

The last huge problem between Hindus & Muslims I remember in the state was when I was in school, more than a decade and a half ago. It was perhaps the Babri Masjid time… when the entire country went crazy. I don’t remember much of the time except it was summer vacation and much of it was ruined because I had to stay indoors. I was vacationing with some relatives who lived in a town with mixed population. Even though we all loved our neighbours, everyone stayed indoors because of a few miscreants.

“A few miscreants” – they are the ones that always create trouble. Do they really care about their religion or are they hyped on their own sense of power and the mob mentality?

Anyway, that is not really the point.

Is Karnataka going the Gujarat way? That is a scary question, particularly if the answer is anything but a firm ‘no’.

Everyone says that the Hindus need to be protected because our Constitution gave the minorities too much power. Perhaps that was the need at that time… the minorities had been abused so often that legally enforcing some rules was the only way out.

But it is time that those laws were revamped. Let is scrap all those reservation systems that are based on caste. Let us give space where it is required.

How many people from the SC/ST actually make use of the reservation system? At least the ones that really do need to make use of it? How many undeserved people get into high places because of laws like this and remain drunk on their untouchability? While being an outcast is something that nobody wants, nobody should dance on the merits of that very thing that we are trying to abolish.

We need a new system. And a system that does not involve religion in any manner.

Personally, I’d rather ban any political party that even has a whiff of religion in it. I do not care if they help a region economically because they are creating a scenario that will destroy all that is built simply in the name of religion.

Think of this as a war… on the surface, buildings are being built, jobs are being created. But these buildings are being built as havens during war, these jobs are created to place those soldiers… and one day, the war will begin and these will be empty shells housing the destroyed. Their coffers will be full. Yet they want want more money and they will proclaim that the others are destroying us… they will stop work till things go there way and then where will the common man be?

Isn’t that what Hitler did? I’m sure he helped Germany a lot but his idea about the human hierarchy is abhorrent. Ditto here.

True, I’m being a little over-the-top but let’s not go there in reality as well.


Side note: A few year ago people related to BJP and its associates said women in bars/pubs would destroy Indian culture.
A few weeks ago, the current ruling party made rather derogatory statements about women’s clothing, rape and a certain march. Rape, they said, happened because of the way women dressed.
And yet, these esteemed protectors of Indian culture, were watching porn sitting in the government assembly. They then dared to protest that:

a) they were not watching porn but a video of a woman being raped.

b) They were watching a documentary of a woman being raped. (Never mind the ‘location’ where they were doing it!)

c) The former CM of state who was ousted rather dishonorably claimed “Everyone watches porn. What is the big deal?

The big deal, Mr.Hindu-Culture-Protecting-Corrupt-Former CM, porn (regardless of how many people watch it) is not legal in our country. It does not matter if everyone watches it, as a sworn minister of law, they should not be breaking the law.

Even if porn was legal, they should not be watching it while the assembly in in session. That is like watching porn when you are work, for which you can be fired. That is an indecent act.

And lastly, the big deal is that you are hypocritical ministers who would’ve probably stoned other people to death if they had done the same thing. Sure, everyone watches it. But let us pretend to be a civilized nation.

I sure hope that was not a porn clip of a woman being raped. That would be a completely different level of violation of several laws and moral codes.

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