Modi’s IPL

The IPL is back again, and after 5 seasons, I am losing interest.

Cricket had lost its shine a few years ago. There are no longer days where I sat through 50 overs, scared to move in case my movement triggers some cosmic plane of action and the batsman would lose or they’d miss a catch. Yes, we were heavily superstitious then about cricket.

The IPL came, with Lalit Modi promising us a season of sheer fun. He did what most other people had only been thinking about – combined cricket and Bollywood with a ton of money, threw some glamour parties and you had the IPL. Nobody had thought of league cricket in the world and teams with fancy names like Royal Challengers, Kolkata Knightriders etc were born.

To an outsider, these seemed liked team names from a fantasy league. But then the IPL was no less.

And then Modi disappeared, under a cloud of accusations about corruption and money-laundering.

While I’m against corruption and all its fall-outs, I wonder why people were screaming for his blood at a time when there were so much more serious corruption issues that came to light around that time.

The way I see it, Modi’s corruption affected the already rich and corrupt. The common man, for once, did not lose money in it. Rich people probably lost out on opportunities to make more money. Someone’s girlfriend got a stake in the IPL league, someone else got a team that someone else was supposed to get. BFD. I get to watch the match at the same price, regardless of who owns what.

Modi also has much more serious charges against him. But why did people get so worked up over this?

Is it because the rich people, who have the power to sway decisions, who don’t actually care about his other crimes were shorted this time? They were insulted and hence, he had to go.

Who cares about the common man, who is the biggest source of income for all these people? Who cares if the government that is supposed to help the common man lost crores in another couple of scandals. Minor details.

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