Soggy Old Cocktail

I wanted to go watch the movie Cocktail. It looked fun and was supposed to chilled out like Dil Chahta Hai, which was honestly the last good chilled out movie that Bollywood came up with.

And then the reviews started pouring in. The top review sites said the movie was awesome. That gave me a pause. And then Firstpost took the offensive and slammed the movie in 2-page long review.

I still haven’t seen the movie. But my trending list has been throwing up several articles, all similar in tone to, well, the FirstPost.

“Deepika Padukone’s character is portrayed the way vamps were in the 80s,” the article read. And then went to derail the entire movie. A friend who watched the movie said he would’ve rather spent an hour at home and watched one of the million teleserials and it would pretty much be the same thing.

Flash news, he claimed, you know the ending the minute you see Deepika Padukone come and screen and you can walk out the minute she runs into ‘the other girl’. Good girl. Bad girl. Roles defined.

I haven’t yet seen the movie, so I probably have no right to comment. But do we really want to see such a movie where the ‘bad’ girl gets kicked in her-too-late-sari-clad-ass everytime?

Every movie that has been touted as awesome has the same old cliched stuff. Somehow, Bipasha Basu’s Corporate comes to mind. So the woman’s a hot shot business executive, but then she pays the price by going to prison (almost).

Why can’t we make a movie without the moral judgement? Where a woman is a woman, regardless of what she wears or if she smokes or drinks, and the guy is a guy, regardless of how many buttons are open on his shirt. And the ending is not really decided by the fact the girl wears a salwar or a short skirt.

But then, I’m told this movie is a hit.

It is a little worrying.

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